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Dance dissolves boundaries and helps you stay fit and healthy. It is a great ice-breaker and is always helpful when meeting new people and attending parties and events.

Join a Sanskriti dance class today to pursue a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, meet new people and get on stage to perform.

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Dance Classes We Offer


Bollywood dancing drew inspiration from Indian classical dance styles; Mughal influenced dances of historic northern Indian courtesans, or various folk dances from all over India. With the blend of Western cultural influences on Indian society, the newer Bollywood films feature dances that clearly show a blend with Western dance styles.

Bollywood songs compliment or provide a musical commentary on the action taking place. From celebrations like a wedding to a tragedy like death, a courtship scene to passionate expression of love, dream sequence to flashbacks, Bollywood song and dance sequences depict all this and more.


Story telling through song and dance has been an essential element of Indian culture down the ages. Kathak as a dance form originates in ancient north India where story tellers,kathak mostly nomadic, moved village to village performing at temples, village squares and social or community get-togethers. They recounted tales from Indian mythology, moral stories and excerpts from ancient Indian scriptures. These nomadic bards were called Kathakas and they told stories (called Kathas in Sanskrit/Hindi) through dance and music using hand gestures (Mudras) and movements, drama through facial expressions and gestures (Abhinaya) and intricate footwork (Tatkar). Lucknow, Banaras and Jaipur are recognized as the three schools, or gharanas, where Kathak as an art was nurtured and refined. At Sanskriti, we teach you a blend of various styles and gharanas, with an emphasis on the Lucknow gharana.

We teach all you want to know about Kathak:
- From simple tukdas (short dance pieces)to fast rhythmic footwork set to complex time cycles
- Dance movements including numerous chakkars (pirouettes) performed at high speeds
- Salaams and pranams (forms of physical salutation)
- Abhinaya to Nakhras (playful mischief depicted in dance)
- To ending your thumri (a semi-classical piece, usually about a girl's love for Lord Krishna), tihai or tukda in a Thaat (statuesque pose).


Bollycore classes are designed specifically to stimulate muscle development, core strengthening and increase cardiovascular endurance.

Whether you’ve been dancing all your life or never moved a limb before, this class will make you sweat, make you smile, and make your stress dance away! Infused with traditional Indian dance forms, including Bollywood, Bharatnatyam, Bhangra, Rajasthani, Laavni, and Garba, along with Western and Fusion Bollywood inspirations, BollyCORE! classes help you work up a sweat and tone your muscles while learning simple dance movements that you can bust out the next time you hit the dance floor!

Leave your worries at home and join us each week for an hour of dance-based fitness instruction where you can work out in a motivational group environment, having fun, and laughing your stress away!