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Sanskriti arts
Junior Ensemble

Sanskriti Arts featured the Sanskriti Arts Kids Ensemble for their debut performance in 2009. These young hearts are full of bedazzling spirit that leaves audiences mesmerized by the feats that they produce before you. Their energy and spunk grab your attention and keep you fixed on the magical moments yet to come; their adorable smiles capture your hearts and rope you in to their amazing performances! The young talent have been fostered from tender beginnings. Members of the Junior Ensemble began their training as young as 2 and a half years old and exhibited commitment and dedication, putting their best foot forth and working hard to excel in their training. With the artistic vision and direction of Puja, these aspiring women have mastered the art of dance expression and have presented elegant and inspirational performances throughout their dancing career.

  • Anjali Chande
  • Sajjan Ghagare
  • Gurisha Sahni
  • Jaya Naik
  • Ariya Gupta
  • Isherdeep Gill
  • Sabrina Rajput
  • Vikram Srinivas